Moonrock Canada Nitro Moonshrooms - 300MG Capsules / Tablets Capsule

Nitro Moonshrooms - 300MG

Moonrock Canada



Moonrock Canada
Microdose Mushroom Creativity Blend (300mg total) – 25 capsules per bottle 300mg Penis Envy Cubensis Psilocybin 100mg Lions Mane Take with food. Raise your level of consciousness with our NEW MoonShroom Neuro blends. Micro dosed level of mushroom blends combining psilocybin, lions mane and other neuro and immune system improving strains. Benefits include: Boosts energy, increased mental speed, improved mood, increased focus and clarity, increased productivity, alleviates depression, anxiety and PTSD. Scientists are calling micro dosing “the next quantum leap in human consciousness.” Suggest a dosing protocol of five days on, two days off, so one does not build up a tolerance. A traditional mushroom microdosing protocol is one day on, 2 days off 25 Capsules/Bottle